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An interview with Robert Kiley

Members of the Kingston and The Islands Green Party Constituency Association recently sat down with MPP candidate, Robert Kiley to ask some questions that you might be interested in. Here’s that interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

There are a number of things that I am passionate about, which is why I am so committed to the Green Party and running for office. I care deeply about economic, social, environmental and democratic justice. I believe we should have balanced budgets, publicly funded dental and pharmacare programs, protections for prime farmland and water, and proportional representation. I am committed to honesty and positivity in politics.

Where did you grow up?

I’m a true Kingstonian – born, raised and educated right here. I’ve worked in different places in Ontario and Quebec, and have travelled extensively.

Speaking of education, what’s your training?

I’m a certified teacher and community leader. I earned my bachelor of education and master of public administration degrees from Queen’s University.

What’s your day job?

I’m the creative director of a local marketing company. We work with small businesses and non-profits to help them innovate and grow. Previously, I was the executive director of a local charity that assists seniors, and was an educator, working with students across Ontario and Quebec.

You seem really young to be running for provincial office.

This is my third campaign! ☺ I ran in 2011 and was able to double my vote in 2014. This shows how committed I am to Kingston and The Islands. The advantage to being a seasoned campaigner is that I’ve had the opportunity to speak with so many people. I’ve heard what they care about and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the issues.

Why should voters elect you?

Aside from my strong desire to address the justice gaps – gaps that exist in economic, social, environmental and democratic areas – I will always put the best interests of my constituents ahead of the party. The Green Party is the only one that doesn’t force its members to vote along party lines. That makes a huge difference in how an MPP can represent his or her district. The Green Party is gaining momentum as we’ve seen in elections across the country including electing officials in B.C., New Brunswick and in the North. I have the support of a progressive, professional and growing team of Kingstonians and Islanders who share my vision for justice. Voters have the power to break from the traditional parties – the parties that are the cause of so much citizen disillusionment – and elect me as one of Ontario’s first group of Green MPPs!

Final words?

The Green Party is the only party that actually costs out its platform. We believe in balanced budgets and putting taxpayers’ dollars to work in their best interests. We’re inclusive. Progressive thinkers who believe in justice and sound budgets are finding a new home with the Greens. It’s time for voters to use the power they have to elect Green candidates and change the tired and ineffective status quo. People do have that power. Volunteer with Robert’s campaign and/or donate to the Kingston and the Islands Green Party.

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