Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Robert Kiley and the Kingston and the Islands Green Party believe in a principled, planned and priced approach to developing policy. We are guided by the principles of economic, social, environmental and democratic justice. A healthy society needs a healthy environment with strong small businesses and strong democratic institutions.

Hydro Honesty

  • Reduce bills for middle and lower-income residents
  • Transition from expensive nuclear to renewables and use energy efficiently

“We cannot afford another term of the Liberal government. Their hydro scheme is a costly ploy that will make our bills go up in the long run and burden our kids. We need to address the root causes of high electricity and move towards a more affordable, cleaner, local system.” – Robert Kiley

Economic Justice

  • Lower small business payroll tax and support local innovation
  • Provincial debt reduction and sustainable budgets

“The attack on small business and the structural poverty caused by low ODSP and OW rates are two examples of the failures of both Liberal and Conservative governments. Greens will champion strong local economies to support Ontario companies by dropping payroll taxes. And Greens will help those in need by increasing social assistance.” – Robert Kiley

Social Justice

  • Pharmacare, dental care and affordable housing programs
  • Basic income guarantee, a living wage and increased ODSP and OW rates

“People are hurting in our province. Basic needs like dental care, drug coverage, and mental health supports are not being met. Only the Green Party will address these areas with costed, comprehensive plans that avoid driving us further into debt while making sure our residents are happy and healthy.” – Robert Kiley

Environmental Justice

  • Protections for wetlands, farmland, animals and drinking water
  • Pollution pricing and decreased greenhouse gas emissions

“Climate change, the loss of prime farmland, the rapid decrease in biodiversity, and fire sale of our natural resources are not acceptable. Polluters must pay for their destruction and the parties that allowed for this to happen must be held accountable. We only have one planet to live on and we must steward it with compassion and care.” – Robert Kiley

Democratic Justice

  • Electoral reform and proportional representation
  • Your best interests before party politics

“The three traditional, status quo parties have had majority governments in Ontario in the last generation. Yet, the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals all failed to deliver on electoral reform. Only the Green Party has consistently and clearly called for proportional representation – where a party’s percentage of the popular vote is roughly reflected by the number of seats the party has in the legislature. As your MPP, I will work to represent the best interests of you, your family, and our riding.” – Robert Kiley


Call or text: 613-483-2811


Mail: 781 Station Main, Kingston, ON

1 day ago
More signs, more volunteers, more donations, oh my goodness, Kingston and The Islands is Green! Green! Green! Join the Green Campaign Train in the next two weeks to help elect me as one of @OntarioGreens' first MPPs! #youhavethepower #ygk #onpoli #elxn42 robert_kiley photo
2 days ago
#VictoriaDay Sunday in #ygk. Lovely community coming together for food and fun. Good to catch up with @MIHomeYGK! #ygk
2 days ago
What a day! Thanks for door knocking with me, John! I have never had so many signs so quickly requested in all my years canvassing. Another indication of the @OntarioGreens wave building in #KingstonAndTheIslands! #excited #onpoli #ygk robert_kiley photo
2 days ago
Better than 2017 and that's saying a lot! @cityofkingston fireworks were amazing this year! Especially the water runners and sparkle walls (my terms)! Beautiful! #VictoriaDay #ygk robert_kiley photo
2 days ago
This! It's clear the NDP are not committed to Basic Income Gaurantee! #onpoli #ygk
Jason Lopez @jlopezhamilton
Only @MikeSchreiner and the @OntarioGreens are bold enough to roll out a Basic Income Guarantee across the province. Hear me discuss with @AndreaHorwath how her plan misses the mark and does little to help those who need it most. #basicincome #HamOnt #NDP #GPO #onpoli
3 days ago
You say "fish". I say "fry"! Glad to spend the evening on Wolfe Island! Great food and good friends. #ygk #KingstonAndTheIslands #onpoli #WolfeIsland robert_kiley photo

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