Democratic Justice

Democratic Justice

  • Your best interests before party politics
  • Empower and engage citizens
  • Make politicians more accountable between elections
  • Electoral reform and proportional representation
  • Encourage fair and open government

We need a government that respects and engages citizens and communities; a government committed to building partnerships with communities to develop sensible solutions, instead of imposing top-down bureaucratic solutions. It’s time for more democracy, not less.

The current voting system needs reform. We are using an antiquated and inefficient way of casting our votes. Our current system of ‘first past the post’ means that politicians are being elected, sometimes with 35% of the votes cast in their favour.

It is not democratic for a party to receive less than 40% of the vote and yet have 100% of the power in the Legislature, which happens in most provincial elections. In the 2014 provincial election, only 52% of eligible Ontarians filled out a ballot. In fact, in provincial elections, Ontario is lagging far below the national average.

This needs to change. We can vote for what we believe in with tried and true systems. It’s time for ranked ballots for municipal elections, and proportional representation provincially.

We need to move to make politicians more accountable: local decision making in the public interest is essential to a vibrant democracy. We need to have checks and balances to ensure that all public officials are held to high ethical standards, including implementing principles of open government that lead to fairness and transparency.

“The three traditional, status quo parties have had majority governments in Ontario in the last generation. Yet, the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals all failed to deliver on electoral reform. Only the Green Party has consistently and clearly called for proportional representation – where a party’s percentage of the popular vote is roughly reflected by the number of seats the party has in the legislature. As your MPP, I will work to represent the best interests of you, your family, and our riding.” – Robert Kiley