Hydro Honesty

Hydro Honesty

  • Increase conservation and efficiency
  • Support renewable energy generation
  • Reduce bills for middle and lower-income residents
  • Stop pouring money down the nuclear drain
  • Invest in our own new low carbon economy

Our electricity bills keep going up – and there’s no relief in sight.

Ontario’s current electricity system is unsustainable. Yet instead of real change, the only solution offered by the status quo parties is to borrow billions of dollars – billions that we and our children will have to pay back – to maintain the crumbling system we have.

The status quo parties want to increase your electricity bill and borrow billions to rebuild outdated nuclear plants. They refuse to do an independent public review of the costs of power sources before spending billions.

Nuclear power is outdated technology. It locks us into an old, centralized system that limits opportunities for taking advantage of new low cost opportunities.

A better plan is to purchase low cost water power instead of high cost nuclear power. We can reduce demand for new power sources by helping people save energy and money. And we can tap into the clean energy technology to modernize and economize our system.

Ontario can win big by becoming a leader in the clean energy economy. We can create jobs and make our energy system work for people, not big energy.

“We cannot afford another term of the Liberal government. Their hydro scheme is a costly ploy that will make our bills go up in the long run and burden our kids. We need to address the root causes of high electricity and move towards a more affordable, cleaner, local system.” – Robert Kiley