Social Justice

Social Justice

  • Basic income guarantee, a living wage and increased ODSP and OW rates
  • Make dental and pharmacare universally accessible
  • Provide sufficient and sustainable funding for mental health and addiction services
  • Support social housing and housing strategies for populations in need
  • Address institutional and systemic racism

Each of us has a role to play in building a strong Ontario. We are more than just taxpayers. We are individuals, family members, part of our community — we are citizens. 

In every place around our province, people are creating positive change making their communities stronger, more compassionate and sustainable. We watch as the big three entrenched parties fail to solve the challenges we face in Ontario each day. Their talk is about accountability to us as taxpayers, forgetting our shared desire as citizens to build a vibrant province where every person is given the opportunity to thrive. This province can and must do better.

We are in a moment of transformative change – let’s seize that moment and make changes that will benefit us all now and for generations to come.

“People are hurting in our province. Basic needs like dental care, drug coverage, and mental health supports are not being met. Only the Green Party will address these areas with costed, comprehensive plans that avoid driving us further into debt while making sure our residents are happy and healthy.” – Robert Kiley