Jobs and Small Business

  • Cut payroll taxes by increasing the exemption level for the Employer Health Tax, providing small businesses and non-profits with immediate cash flow savings so they can reinvest in their employees and pay them a living wage.
  • Implement smart regulations that create a level playing field for all businesses, ensuring safety while taking into account the size and scale of operations, allowing local businesses to compete fairly.
  • Scrap the tax credit landlords receive for letting empty storefronts linger, undermining the economic vitality of commercial and retail areas.
  • Allow realtors to incorporate like other independent contractors and businesses.
  • Increase access to high speed internet in all parts of the province.
  • Reform business development support programs to create more dedicated funding opportunities for small businesses and to streamline the application process for small businesses.
  • Offer discounted surplus electricity to local Ontario businesses first, before exporting to other jurisdictions at a loss.
  • Support public funding of and tax credits for research and development in order to incubate innovation, particularly in clean technology and knowledge services.