As your City Councillor, I am committed to always responding to your calls and emails.

My voting record will help make life more fair and affordable.

I will work for you, for a happier, healthier community.

Here are some ways we can get there. I won’t be able to do them all alone.

But I will work towards them with other Councillors.

  • Create good local jobs by expanding public services and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurs.
  • Fill in potholes and slow down traffic for smooth, safe streets.
  • Review property taxes so everyone in our city, especially the least fortunate, have a little more to spend on what they want.
  • Expand park space and conservation areas to protect the environment and lessen climate change.
  • Add more and better bus routes and bike lanes to further active transportation.
  • Target social supports, subsidized housing and shelter beds to serve those in need.
  • Fund community art projects and sports leagues to help people live happy, healthy lives.
  • Protect turtles, pets and other animals so all creatures in our community are cared for.
  • Change the way we vote from one choice to many choices for more honest and positive politics.
  • Develop the old Nortel site with smart, sustainable, mixed use planning.
  • Hold regular meetings and let you grade me each year to build engagement, trust and accountability in politics.
  • Use best practices from cities around the world so Kingston can have good growth, socially, environmentally, economically and democratically.